Flight Instruction
in Moab, Utah

If you are looking for flight instruction in the scenic Southwest with experienced and dedicated instructors, look no further than Redtail Flight School.

Small aircraft grounded during sunset

Flight Instruction in Moab, Utah with Redtail Flight School

A journey that will provide a lifetime of new experiences and challenges.

Piloting a private aircraft is as close as a person can come to flying like a bird, breaking the bond of gravity, and moving with freedom through the air. Since powered flight was first achieved in 1903, human ingenuity and determination has so greatly evolved the airplane, airports, and navigation electronics, that an airplane has become a safe and efficient way to travel. It’s also a lot of fun—just ask the pilots of Redtail Air!

Most pilots flying small to medium-sized aircraft are licensed as private pilots. Redtail Air’s FAA-certified instructors at Canyonlands Regional Airport north of Moab will introduce you to the joy of flying and guide you each step of the way to earning your pilots license. It is a journey that will provide a lifetime of new experiences and challenges.

Learning to fly at Redtail Air in Moab has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life, they keep their planes in pristine conditions. The scenery is unbelievable. Their CFI's are very knowledgeable. You don't have the stress of learning to fly at a busy towered airport.
Haley H.


Flying is our passion & we want to share that passion through flight instruction!