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Cockpit view of small aircraft

Pilot License Cost

All costs are hourly and include fuel for the aircraft

1-Hour Discovery Flight $195 per hr
Ground Instruction with Instructor $65 per hr
Cessna 172 (glass panel) with Instructor $245 per hr


Cessna 172 (glass panel) Aircraft Rental $180 per hr

Pilot License Financing Options

How can I pay for Flight Training?

  • AOPA website provides financial loans to pilots and offers insurance, you can become a student member for around $30 a month
  • PrePay: Save 7% on your flight training by paying up front. This option protects you from future price increases. Interested in this option? Let us know.
  • Aviation Scholarships: Visit the FAA site for aviation grants and scholarships.
  • Pay as you go: Simple and easy. We keep your card on file and charge you after each lesson. Easy way for you to budget your training based off how often you want to fly.
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Discovery Flight Cost


A Discovery Flight will introduce you to the exciting world of aviation. A discovery flight with Redtail Air includes a full hour in the sky with our experienced flight instructor. The instructor will walk you through a step-by-step procedure of how to safely fly an aircraft. You and your instructor will then fly back to the airport and land having finally experienced what it is like to be at the controls of an airplane.

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Flying is our passion & we want to share that passion through flight instruction!